Sri Consultants is a 100 percent black female owned Garden, Cleaning, Maintenance and Disinfection company that was founded in 2013.

We primarily have concentrated on sectional title complexes however have now expanded into residential, commercial and all Covid related Disinfection sites. We also operate an online store for all your covid corporate needs.

Our Services

Garden Services

We are team of individuals with a love for your garden who will take great care in maintaining your garden and will stop at nothing but pure excellence.

Sri Consultants will take on any project no matter how big or small and we enjoy projects that are not for the fainthearted.

We strive to meet your every need by complimenting your indoor living space with your outdoor relaxing area. We continuously strive to set new trends in the landscaping industry and leave all our clients with a state of the art one of a kind garden on completion.

We cater for Shopping centres, new and existing townhouse complexes, shops and offices, schools, golf courses and other sporting facilities, residential homes, residential estates, complete new gardens as well as existing gardens.

Cleaning Services

Consistently provide the highest quality of cleaning service within budgetary parameters. Build lasting and quality relationships with our clients through personal attention and fair trade.

Create practical and tailored approaches to our clients individual and specialized cleaning needs.

Maintenance Services

Specialises in commercial and domestic property solutions, which include a wide variety of general building repairs and maintenance services. These services are performed by a team of professionals under supervision and we pride ourselves in delivering fast and efficient repairs of the highest standard

Services include Roof seal, Ceilings, Painting, Plumbing including unblocking of drains. We also specialize in wall-to-wall carpets, laminated flooring, Hard Flooring and Vinyl flooring.

Disinfection – Corona Busters

COVID-19 Solutions

As the global effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to evolve, SRI remains firmly committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. We offer cleaning, sanitising and fogging solutions to our clientele.

As the cleaning experts, SRI works closely with customers to understand which areas require disinfection and deep cleaning. Our focus is on establishing the cleaning solutions and methodology depending on our customers’ needs and severity level – we will work closely with you to ensure we provide the solutions that adhere to guidelines established by local authorities.

To minimise the risk of infection for our customers on customer sites, we have partnered with suppliers to provide a supply of masks, hand sanitisers, and hand-wash. We also offer ‘step-up cleaning’ (high-frequency cleaning to disinfect high-touch or high-footfall areas) and surface cleaning.

Depending on the severity levels, we advise customers on how to minimise risks through step-up cleaning. We continually keep our customers informed and aware of good hand hygiene habits, social distancing and advising in case of symptoms for the virus.

We also offer business compliance packs to ensure our clients can handle the stages of the pandemic within their institutions and remain compliant.

Our online store has all the products required for Covid corporate solutions

We are also accredited with the South African Sanitation accreditation council ensuring the highest standard and criteria are met please see