Lead Time

TBC from receipt of purchase order / deposit payment / artwork at the rate above, order volume dependent.
Pricing, as shown above, is based on standard production time, and overtime surcharges will apply if necessary, should insufficient lead times be afforded.
Any overtime required as a result of insufficient lead time will be billed back to the client.

Design Copyright ©

Unless a design origination fee has been paid for in full, any and all products and / or conceptual designs presented are fully protected by copyright law and remain the intellectual property of SRI Consultants.
At no time may they be replicated, copied, or reverse engineered as this directly constitutes design copyright.
Infringements of any nature will be legally enforced.

All Rights Reserved 2020

Artwork Supply Specifications

Artwork: Setup to 100% size, supplied in hi-res PDF format or at 300dpi to 30% final size, supplied in Freehand, Photoshop or Indesign with all fonts converted to paths / curves.
All files must be saved in CMYK with all template / die lines removed or on a separate layer.
For artwork sent via FTP sites, downloading billed at R 150 / 1GB.
For artwork sent via FTP sites, clients are solely responsible for supplying all necessary colour matching information, i.e., Pantone specs, CMYK breakdown.
Due to the sensitivity of digital printing, all artwork will be matched as close as digitally possible to Pantones supplied.
For most accurate colour proofing, an approved physical colour sample should be supplied for exact matching possible.
All artwork is to be supplied with Pantone references for the closest possible digital colour matching.
No sample proofs may be run for colour approval without a supplied chromalin / colour match reference being supplied.

For critical CI colour matches, Rocket Creative shall not be held liable for colour irregularities should a chromalin or approved colour reference not be supplied with the artwork.
Artwork charges to ready incorrect artwork charged at R 400/hr.

Failure to supply artwork to the necessary specifications as above will have to be sent back to the client for resetting. This may lead to a delay in the print job and additional costs due to the necessary DTP time to ready artwork.

SRI Consultants shall not be held liable for any delays caused by incorrectly supplied artwork and so artwork so please ensure that all control parameters are followed.